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Retro1 is the home of compilations relevant to retro-computing hobbyists. Above all else, Retro1 has been created to coalesce a community of innovative practitioners, hobbyists and enthusiasts - in hopes of creating a space where the knowledge can be passed to a new generation who can learn from these historically significant efforts.

Conserving significant technologies of the past is important for many reasons. First, it helps us understand how we got to where we are today. By preserving old technologies, we can learn about the history of human innovation and how it has shaped our world. Second, it helps us appreciate the value of what we have today. By seeing how people in the past solved problems with limited resources, we can better understand and appreciate the technologies we have today. Finally, it helps us prepare for the future. By studying old technologies, we can learn from past mistakes and build on past successes to create new and better technologies.

Some subject areas are sufficiently broad or content-heavy that they are organized into subordinate Communities.

Whatever your purpose - it is hoped that you find any of this content useful.

Mail List Subscriptions

You may participate in the mail lists for the communities by submitting your requests at their respective subscription pages:

CDC Community

The CDC Community work is hosted at Mail Archives, documentation, running systems, development environments and more are all available here.

  • ControlFreaks The ControlFreaks mail list is hosted at, part of Michigan State University Department of History and is dedicated to work related to the CDC Operating Systems (NOS / NOSBE / KRONOS) and CDC Hardware.

IBM Community

Most of the IBM Community work is managed through Groups.IO. While the CDC Community work is primarily conducted through, Groups.IO has been the home to the original (and now defunct) Yahoo Groups. Subscription can be accomplished by registering at Groups.IO, or by sending an e-mail request to the following:

  • Hercules-390 & VM/370

    For users of the VM/370 software on Hercules. See for the latest version.
    If you have files you want to share please upload them to the groups “Files” section as attachments are blocked.


    This is a discussion group for the Hercules-390 IBM Mainframe emulator.

    The old Yahoo group is no longer in use, as its functionality was severely reduce by Yahoo and the owner of the Yahoo group was no longer contactable, rendering the group essentially defunct.

    However, the old Yahoo group messages have not been lost! Around 86000 messages, from 1999 to 2019, have all been uploaded to our “Yahoo Groups Archive” subgroup. Use the “Subgroups” menu option to reach it.

  • S370ASM System/370 Assembly Language

    Largely a home to discuss S/370 assembler issues, altho S/390, zArch and other platforms of interest are also welcome.

    (Current tutorial)

  • Turnkey MVS Provides a space for discussing the Tur(n)key - MVS system and to provide support for this system in the unlikely case of bugs or errors.

About Hercules

Learn more about the Hercules (Hyperion) emulator at GitHub .

See It In Action!

Visit the Nostalgic Computing Center's Virtual Museum of Classic Supercomputers, Mainframes, and Minicomputers to see everything working together!

Fun Fact: CODEX

A codex is an ancient manuscript text in book form, typically made from a number of sheets of paper, vellum, papyrus, or similar material, with hand-written content on both sides, often bound by stacking the pages and fixing one edge. It replaced the scroll format and is considered the earliest form of the modern book.

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