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The CDC Historical conservation effort is a continuation of the good work of the β€œControlFreaks” Special Interest Group.

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Preview access to the archived materials is protected and requires authentication. All materials are reviewed prior to open publication so preview access is only encouraged if you are interested in …

  • helping to moderate/edit content for publication.
  • developing new content for publication.
  • reading the content contained in the mail archives.

Eventually, all relevant content will be published here without need for registration.

Once registered, the same username and password will act as your single sign-on credential.

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Once credentials have been created, the same username/password combination may be used to access all resources.


Users may subscribe to the content provided here. Subscription is free, but requires registration. Our automated notification agent Robotron will notify you of any subscribed changes on this site.


Source code is managed using GIT. There are both private and public repositories. Private repositories require registration. Public repositories may be found on GITHUB.COM.

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