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IBM 1130 Archives

The IBM 1130 Computing System was introduced in 1965. It was IBM's least-expensive computer to date, and was aimed at price-sensitive, computing-intensive technical markets like education and engineering. It became quite popular, and the 1130 and its non-IBM clones gave many people their first feel of β€œpersonal computing.” Though its price-performance ratio was good and it notably included inexpensive disk storage, it otherwise broke no new ground technically. The 1130 holds a place in computing history primarily because of the fondness its former users hold for it.

Everything contained here is a personal compilation of the contents accumulated over the years.

SiteManaged ByContains
IBM1130.orgNorm Aleks and Brian KnittelThe web site is primarily managed by Norm; the 1130 sits in Brian's office in Berkeley, California, and Brian is also responsible for the 1130 simulator.
About the IBM1130WikipediaCompilation of important milestones related to the IBM 1130
The IBM 1130 Computing SystemIBM CorporationIBM's Archive entry describing the history of the IBM1130
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