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Games (Console)

These console games can be added to a running NOS 2 system using SYSEDIT. Alternatively you can use LIBEDIT to add them to your NOS 2 deadstart tape. The games are:

Game Description
CHESS Chess 3.5 from Northwestern University. This runs as a terminal job, or on the console using DUD. To run it on the console, create a small SYOT job which provides a single line of input to CHESS: “DISPLAY ON”.
EYE Takes control of the display console and displays two eyes. It then looks around and winks at the operator.
KAL Displays a kaleidoscope.
LIFE The game of life.
LUNAR Lunar landing simulator.
MIC Displays a Mickey Mouse clock.
PAC Pacman for the console.
SNK Displays snakes on the console.
TTT TIC-TAC-TOE for the console.

Below is a link to the sources and sample card job to build the console games. Change the strings “user”, “passwd” and “opluser” to something suitable for your system before running the card job.


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