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Itemize Deadstart Tape

After creating a Deadstart Tape, you may find that things don't quite work the way you intended. It is frequently useful to examine the contents of the deadstart tape and the itemize command is a valuable means of doing that using the running console.

From the console:

CYBER Console

The best way to enter console commands when using Kevin Jordan enhanced version of dtCyber is to use the enter_keys feature which helps to overcome the challenges of the console's odd behavior of dropping keystrokes.

Shown below is the output of Steve Zoppi's version of dtCyber built upon Kevin's which enhances the operator interface/prompts.

CDC Terminal
HH:MM:SS [CYBER Console A] Operator> ek x.dis. HH:MM:SS [CYBER Console A] Operator> ek common,system. HH:MM:SS [CYBER Console A] Operator> ek itemize,system. Wait until the message β€œITEMIZE COMPLETE.” is displayed. HH:MM:SS [CYBER Console A] Operator> ek route,output. HH:MM:SS [CYBER Console A] Operator> ek drop. HH:MM:SS [CYBER Console A] Operator>

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