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Command Summary

lfn = local file name pfn = permanent file name

[opt] indicates permanent file access options


lfn=pfn may be replaced by single pfn, in which case pfn is also used as lfn

General Commands

APPEND,pfn,lfn1,…,lfnn[opt]. Append lfni to permanent file pfn

ATTACH,lfn1=pfn1,…,lfnn=pfnn,[opt][M=m] attach permanent file pfn

  as local file lfn

BKSP,lfn,n,m. backspace file lfn by n logical records

  default n=1. m is mode, C coded, B binary(default)

CATLIST,LO=p,FN=pfn,UN=username,L=lfn. list the permanent file catalog

  p option F full FP permissions granted P user names

CLEAR. release all files


COMPASS,B=lgo,I=input,L=output,LO=ABCDEFGLMNRSTX. Assembler call statement


  copy file from to file to, x nonzero=verify
  M=c C1 coded input only C2 coded output only
  c any nonzero coded input and output
  TC=tc F or EOF cnt is the number of files to copy
  I or EOI ignore cnt, copy to EOI

COPYBF,from,to,n,c. copy binary file

  n number of files to copy, default 1
  c any nonzero string: coded S or L format tape

COPYBR,from,to,n,c. copy binary records, same parameters as COPYBF

COPYCF,from,to,n,fchar,lchar,na. copy coded file

  n number of files to copy, default 1
  fchar first character position in line to copy, default 1
  lchar last character position in line to copy, default 136
  na any nonzero value=no abort if end-of-line missing

COPYCR,from,to,n,fchar,lchar,na. copy coded record

  same parameters as COPYCF

COPYEI,from,to,x,c. copy to EOI (end-of-information)

  x any nonzero value signifies no rewind, default is
  rewind before and after copying
  c any nonzero string: coded S or L format tape

COPYSBF,from,to,n,na. copy shifted binary file, prepend blank to each line

  same parameters as COPYCF

COPYX,from,to,x,b,c. copy logical records

  x=n copy n logical records, default n=1
  x=00 copy all records up to and including first zero-length record
  x=name copy all records up to and including the named record
  x=type/name same as name, but also type must match

CTIME. print CPU time to dayfile

DAYFILE,lfn. dump job dayfile to lfn


  Create empty new permanet direct access files
  m allowed access modes for other users if SPRIV or PUBLIC
  see ATTACH command
  space requirement for file, in PRUs (=64 60-word blocks)
  ac Y or N(default) to make visible for other user's CATLIST


  B identification and priority
  D resources requested/assigned
  F assigned files
  J control regs and error flag
  L loader information
  R resources used
  S accumulated SRUs
  T accumulated CPU time
  U resources available


FCOPY,P=old,N=new,PC=ascii,NC=ascii8,PL=zb,NL=zb,R,A. copy between code sets

  lowercase parameter names=default values
  ascii and ascii8 parameters may be
  ASCII 6/12 display ASCII8 12-bit ASCII
  ASCII88 8-bit ASCII ASCII63 6/12 display 63-char set
  ASCII64 6/12 display 64-char set DIS 6-bit display code
  DIS63 6-bit display 63-char set DIS64 same, 64-char set
  zb line terminator
     ZB zero byte (default)
     CR CRLF FF LF LFCR RS US n octal char value
  R rewind before and after, default is no rewind
  A aboer on error, default is no abort

FTN,I=input,B=lgo,L=output. FORTRAN 4 extended compiler

  LCM=I long address mode for UEM access, > 128 kword
  OL list generated object code
  OPT=n n=0,1,2 optimization level, default =1
  PMD post mortem dump
  R=n symbolic reference map, n=0,1,2,3 default=1
  ROUND=+-*/ rounded arithmetic operations. default=no round
  SL=0 source program not listed (default=list)
  STATIC disable dynamic memory management, required of blank
     common is dynamically extended at runtime
  UO unsafe optimization enabled, requires OPT=2

FTN5,I=input,B=lgo,L=output. FORTRAN 5 extended compiler

  DO=val 0 min DO trip zero, less 131071 (default)
     LONG permits trip count to exceed 131071
     OT minimum trip count 1
  LCM=I long address mode for UEM access, > 128 kword total field
  LCM=G giant UEM mode, single commin block > 128 kword
  LO=O/R/A/M/S O list generated object code
     R cross-reference map
     A program entity list
     M storage map
     S source code
  OPT=n n=0,1,2,3(unsafe) optimization level, default =0
  ROUND=A/S/M/D rounded arithmetic operations. default=A/S/M
  STATIC disable dynamic memory management, required of blank
     common is dynamically extended at runtime

GET,lfn1=pfn1,…,lfnn=pfnn[opt] retrieve local copy of indirect access

  permanent file

LENGTH,lfn. status of local file

  lfn,lfn1=tfn1,...,lfnn=tfnn. local file call loads and executes compiled

LGO,lfn1=tfn1,…,lfnn=tfnn. binary on that file, typically LGO. The tfni

  filenames used on the PROGRAM statement are replaced by
  the actual filenames lfni.

LIMITS,L=lfn. resources available

MFL,CM=nnnnnn,EC=mmmm. set max central memory and

  extended memory/1000(8) field length


  enter lines into lfn, NR=no rewind

PASSWOR,old,new. change password

PERMIT,pfn,username1=m1,…,usernamen=mn. grant access to permanent file

  pfn to user usernamei with access mode mi, see ATTACH

PROTECT,ON. preserve extended memory between job steps

PURGE,pfn1,…,pfnn[opt] remove permanent files

RENAME,newfn=oldfn. rename file

REPLACE,lfn1=pfn1,…,lfnn=pfnn[opt] replace indirect access permanent files

  by local files; create if no pfni exists

RETURN,lfn1,…,lfnn. release specified files, *=all files

REWIND,lfn1,…,lfnn. rewind specified files, *=all files

RFL,CM=nnnnnn,EC=mmmm. set initial central memory and

  extended memory/1000(8) field length

RTIME. print real (wallclock) time to dayfile


  save copy of local file lfn as indirect access permanent
  file pfn, parameters see DEFINE

SETASL,s. set SRU resource limit for job

SETCORE,p. preset all cm within fieldlength with p

SETJSL,s. set SRU resource limit for job step

SETTL,t. set CPU time limit for job step

SKIPEI,lfn. skip to EOI

SKIPF,lfn,n,m. skip n (default=1) files forward on file lfn

  m mode C coded B binary (default)

SKIPFB,lfn,n,m. same as SKIPF, backspace = reverse direction

SKIPR,lfn,n,level,m. skip n (default=1) records forward on file lfn

  level record level. 0<=level<=16, EOR and EOF; 17, EOF only
  m mode C coded B binary (default)

STIME. print accumulated SRUs to dayfile

TDUMP,I=lfn1,L=lfn2,O,A,R=rcount,F=fcount,N=lines,NR. octal or alpha file dump


VERIFY,lfn1,lfn2,N=nfiles,E=maxerrs,L=output,A,R,C,C1,C2. compare files

  N without value = compare to EOI, N=0 up to empty file

WRITEF,lfn,x. write x filemarks to lfn, default is 1

WRITER,lfn,x. write x empty records to lfn, default is 1

Interactive Commands

ASCII set full ASCII 6/12 mode (see also NORMAL)

BYE logout, also GOODBYE or LOGOUT

EXPLAIN online manual access

FSE,lfn. full screen editor.

  line mode editor in LINE mode, SCREEN command required
  for full screen mode, has internal help screens

HELP online help system access

HELPME,command interactively spec parameters for command

LINE,model. set terminal to line mode (see also SCREEN)

  VT100 DEC VT100 terminal or emulator
  721 CDC 721 terminal
  722 CDC 722 terminal
  Z19 Zenith Z19, Z29, Heathkit H19 terminal
  ADM3A Lear-Sigler ADM3A terminal
  ADM5 Lear-Sigler ADM5 terminal
  TVxyz TeleVideo xyz terminal
  T4115 Tektronix 4115 terminal

LIST,F=lfn list local file at terminal

NORMAL use 63/64 character set (see also ASCII)

RECOVER,jsn recover aborted interactive session

SCREEN,model. set terminal to full screen mode (see also LINE)


  transfer a file with XMODEM protocol
  fn Cyber filename
  td transfer direction, S=from Cyber to Micro, R=Micro to Cyber
  ft file type
  A 6/12 ASCII
  C 6-bit display code
  T use current terminal mode
  B Cyber binary file
  M Micro binary file
  lf YES=Cyber end-of-line transmitted as cr/lf (default)
  NO cr only
  sp YES special block, NO=default
  ec error checking is determined by receiver
  CRC or CHECKSM for transfers to Cyber
  fm file markers, for text files only
  NOS #EOR #EOF #EOI are transmitted/recognized
  CPM EOR and EOI ignored on transmit, ctrlZ is EOI
  MSDOS same as CPM

XMODEM. systems prompts for parameters

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