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Tools (Tape / Disk)

Below are the tools which have been developed and contributed through the years. A replacement for them is available on the CODEX (nosutils) . A windows installer is available on the Utilities page which contains pre-built versions of all of them.

Convert a Host-OS file to Tape (.tap)

You need two tools to do this, both of which are provided in the dtcyber distribution: tools/atod/atod, which converts from ASCII to Display Code, and tools/nosicreate/NosICreate, which converts a display code file into a NOS I-format tape.

You need to compile both yourself (they aren't compiled by the Makefile) from the source codes in the same directories (see Note 2 below for changes you'll need to make before compiling on UNIX- or Linux-derived systems; for Windows, you need make no changes). For convenience, place both binaries in the same directory. Here is the procedure on how to use them (I'm assuming you're using a UNIX variant host system; if you're using Windows, just reverse the slashes):

  1. Change to the distribution directory.
  2. ./atod yourfile ir0001 (See Note 1 below.)
  3. ./NosICreate yourtapefile.tap

This will produce a .tap file which you may now manipulate with dtcyber.

Note 1: You must specify an output file of ir0001.
Note 2: To compile atod and NosICreate under Linux, in each of the files atod.c and NosICreate.c, change the typedef signed long i32; to typedef signed int i32;. Also, change the typedef unsigned long u32; to typedef unsigned int u32;. And typedef int64 i64; must get changed to typedef unsigned long long int i64; and finally, change typedef unsigned int64 u64; to typedef unsigned long long int u64;.

Additional Tape and Disk Tools

executable description
asc2dc.exe Convert Ascii to 6 bit CDC Display code
ascTo612.exe Convert Ascii to 6 in 12 bit CDC Display code
atod.exe ASCII to CDC Display Code conversion
bmptobdf.exe Bitmap to BDF (Font) File format
cardlist.exe Convert punched-card image format to ASCII text
cerl2mf.exe Format conversion for dd8xx image files
check.exe Verifies Code Conversion
dd8xxcvt.exe Format conversion for dd8xx image files between old and new formats
diskdump.exe Dumps in readable form, any dd8xx image
dmd.exe Display memory dump. (Based on dmp)
dmp.exe Display octal memory dump.
dmpbin.exe Display octal 60 bit words memory dump
dmpx.exe Display octal 60 bit words memory dump
dtoa.exe Display Code to ASCII
gen-aids.exe Bulk-generate AIDS / INFO Files
gettap.exe Tape Mapping Utility
mastertool.exe Read PLATO master file
mf2p.exe Masterfile to PLATO
nosicreate.exe Convert individual files into NOS I-format TAP image with one logical record per file.
nosiverify.exe Verify NOS I-format TAP image.
nsfcvt.exe Format conversion for NSF PLATO dd8xx image files to dtCYBER format
pc.exe PC Character
pctobdf.exe PC Character to BDF
pf.exe Read and write PLATO files on a CERL-format dd844-21 disk image
punch026.exe Convert ASCII text to Hollerith (026) format card deck.
puncher.exe Convert ASCII text to Hollerith and/or Binary card deck
submit.exe 405 Card Reader job submission interface version 1.1 (works in co-operation with puncher)
tapdmp.exe Display the content of a tap format file
tapextractIrec.exe Extract files from a tap record file formatted F=I tape
tapextractSIrec.exe Extract files from a tap record file formatted F=I tape
tapgenIrec.exe Creates the a tap (I) format file from a list of files
tapgenSIrec.exe Creates the a tap (SI) format file from a list of files
tapverifyIrec.exe verifies the sequence information of NOS INTERNAL type blocks in a tap format file
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