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CYBIS Release 1

This document is a restored artifact and has been edited to reflect the present state of the work.

CYBIS (CYber-Based Instructional System) started life as PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations) and was developed at CERL (Computer-based Education Research Laboratory) at the University of Illinois.

Later PLATO became a commercial product marketed by CDC. The rights to the PLATO name were sold and CDC rebranded the product CYBIS. Eventually University Online which became VCampus acquired CYBIS from CDC. VCampus is no longer in business and its assets (including CYBIS) now belong to Nat Kannan, its former CEO.

Through the efforts of Tom Hunter, Paul Koning, and Mike Cochran a copy of CYBIS is available for hobbyist use under the condition that it won't be resold or used for any commercial purpose whatsoever. This condition applies to the CYBIS software, tools and course content.

With the generous help of Paul Koning, Tom Hunter created a "canned" ready-to-run package containing a deadstart tape, disk images, emulator initialization file, Desktop CYBER emulator binaries for various platforms and emulator sources.

With thanks to Paul Koning and Nat Kannan for making this possible. Thanks also to Gerard van der Grinten for a copy of SES and help with its use to build the CYBIS sources.

For convenience and reference, PLATO terminal emulator (PTERM 5.0.8) has been included for common platforms which were tested at the time Release1 was created. The latest version may also be downloaded from the Utilities page of the CODEX.

All of the components required to get started may be found on the CYBISRelease1 Section of the CODEX.

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