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Smooth Animations Using Special Characters

The -charset- command is not limited to its use with foreign alphabets. Special characters are often used to create pictures:

at 1319 write This πŸš— uses special characters!

The car is composed of several adjacent characters. Because characters can be drawn very fast (180 per second), dramatic animations are possible:

mode rewrite do drive,x 100,400 unit drive at x,200 write πŸš—

The car advances one dot at a time. If the car characters are designed in such a way as to leave a vertical column of blank dots at the back of the car, the β€œrewrite” mode will insure that the advancing car simultaneously erases its old position. If two columns are left blank, the car could be advanced two dots at a time and still completely wipe out the previous car display. This type of animation can run as fast as twenty or thirty moves per second, which creates the illusion of a smoothly moving object.

For the built-in characters there is an expandable and rotatable (but slow) line-drawn form available through the use of -size- and -rotate-, but these commands have no effect on charset characters. If a larger or rotated car is needed, it can be constructed with -draw- and -circle- commands, built up out of additional special characters, or produced with β€œlineset” characters. A lineset is like a charset, but the characters are made up of lines instead of dots. If β€œsize” is not zero, and a lineset is in effect, alternate-font text is displayed as line-drawn characters which can be expanded and rotated.

Creating a New Character Set

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